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Index of English words, starting with "ax"

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Urdu Meaning

English Meaning


کلہاڑی ۔ تیشہ ۔
(1) - Ax (v. t. & i.) To ask; to inquire or inquire of.
(2) - Ax (n.) Alt. of Axe


ایکس ۔ کلہاڑی ۔
(1) - Axe () Alt. of Axeman
(2) - Axe (n.) A tool or instrument of steel, or of iron with a steel edge or blade, for felling trees, chopping and splitting wood, hewing timber, etc. It is wielded by a wooden helve or handle, so fixed in a socket or eye as to be in the same plane with the blade. The broadax, or carpenter's ax, is an ax for hewing timber, made heavier than the chopping ax, and with a broader and thinner blade and a shorter handle.


محوز کی جمع ۔
(1) - Axes (pl. ) of Axis


محوَری ۔ محوَر یا دھُرے سے مُتَعلِق ۔ شاخی ۔ محوری ۔ محوری یا دھرے سے مُتعلِّق ۔
(1) - Axial (a.) Belonging to the axis of the body; as, the axial skeleton; or to the axis of any appendage or organ; as, the axial bones.
(2) - Axial (a.) Of or pertaining to an axis; of the nature of, or resembling, an axis; around an axis.


محوَری طور پَر ۔
(1) - Axially (adv.) In relation to, or in a line with, an axis; in the axial (magnetic) line.

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