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Index of English words, starting with "ay"

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Urdu Meaning

English Meaning


ہاں ۔
(1) - Ay (a.) Always; ever; continually; for an indefinite time.
(2) - Ay (adv.) Yes; yea; -- a word expressing assent, or an affirmative answer to a question. It is much used in viva voce voting in legislative bodies, etc.
(3) - Ay (adv.) Same as Aye.
(4) - Ay (interj.) Ah! alas!


ہر موقع پر ۔
(1) - Aye (a.) Alt. of Ay
(2) - Aye (n.) An affirmative vote; one who votes in the affirmative; as, "To call for the ayes and noes;" "The ayes have it."
(3) - Aye (adv.) Alt. of Ay


پیرو اور بولیویا کے مُلکوں میں رہنے والے باشِندے اور ان کی بولی ۔


اسکاٹ لینڈ کے اِسی نام کے ایک مُقام کی گائے ۔
(1) - Ayrshire (n.) One of a superior breed of cattle from Ayrshire, Scotland. Ayrshires are notable for the quantity and quality of their milk.

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