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Index of English words, starting with "eg"

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Urdu Meaning

English Meaning


عمل اخراج ۔ براز خارج کرنے کا عمل ۔
(1) - Egestion (n.) Act or process of egesting; a voiding.


اخراجی ۔


انڈا ۔
(1) - Egg (v. t.) To urge on; to instigate; to incite/
(2) - Egg (n.) Anything resembling an egg in form.
(3) - Egg (n.) A simple cell, from the development of which the young of animals are formed; ovum; germ cell.
(4) - Egg (n.) The oval or roundish body laid by domestic poultry and other birds, tortoises, etc. It consists of a yolk, usually surrounded by the "white" or albumen, and inclosed in a shell or strong membrane.


بیضہ زن ۔ انڈا پھینٹ ۔ برطانیہ میں اسے ایگ بیٹر کہا جاتا ہے ۔


ایک قسم کا پھول ۔
(1) - Eglantine (n.) The sweetbrier (R. rubiginosa).
(2) - Eglantine (n.) A species of rose (Rosa Eglanteria), with fragrant foliage and flowers of various colors.