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Index of English words, starting with "or"

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Urdu Meaning

English Meaning


قبل ازیں ۔ یا ۔ بیشتر ۔
(1) - Or (n.) Yellow or gold color, -- represented in drawing or engraving by small dots.
(2) - Or (prep. & adv.) Ere; before; sooner than.
(3) - Or (conj.) A particle that marks an alternative; as, you may read or may write, -- that is, you may do one of the things at your pleasure, but not both. It corresponds to either. You may ride either to London or to Windsor. It often connects a series of words or propositions, presenting a choice of either; as, he may study law, or medicine, or divinity, or he may enter into trade.


کاہن ۔ حکمی فال ۔ دیوبانی ۔
(1) - Oracle (v. i.) To utter oracles.
(2) - Oracle (n.) A wise sentence or decision of great authority.
(3) - Oracle (n.) Any person reputed uncommonly wise; one whose decisions are regarded as of great authority; as, a literary oracle.
(4) - Oracle (n.) One who communicates a divine command; an angel; a prophet.
(5) - Oracle (n.) The sanctuary, or Most Holy place in the temple; also, the temple itself.
(6) - Oracle (n.) The communications, revelations, or messages delivered by God to the prophets; also, the entire sacred Scriptures -- usually in the plural.
(7) - Oracle (n.) Hence: The deity who was supposed to give the answer; also, the place where it was given.
(8) - Oracle (n.) The answer of a god, or some person reputed to be a god, to an inquiry respecting some affair or future event, as the success of an enterprise or battle.


کلام غیب، آکاش بانی ۔


الہامی ۔ دارالاستخارہ کے متعلق ۔
(1) - Oracular (a.) Resembling an oracle in some way, as in solemnity, wisdom, authority, obscurity, ambiguity, dogmatism.
(2) - Oracular (a.) Of or pertaining to an oracle; uttering oracles; forecasting the future; as, an oracular tongue.


غیبی الہام ۔ الہام وغیرہ ۔

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