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Index of English words, starting with "re"

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Urdu Meaning

English Meaning


رد عمل ظاہر کرنے والا ۔


پڑہنا ۔ مطالعہ کرنا ۔ تلاوت کرنا ۔ کتاب پڑھنا ۔ درس لینا ۔
(1) - Read (v. i.) To tell; to declare.
(2) - Read (imp. & p. p.) of Read
(3) - Read (v. t.) To advise; to counsel.
(4) - Read (v. t.) To interpret; to explain; as, to read a riddle.
(5) - Read (v. t.) To tell; to declare; to recite.
(6) - Read (v. t.) To go over, as characters or words, and utter aloud, or recite to one's self inaudibly; to take in the sense of, as of language, by interpreting the characters with which it is expressed; to peruse; as, to read a discourse; to read the letters of an alphabet; to read figures; to read the notes of music, or to read music; to read a book.
(7) - Read (v. t.) Hence, to know fully; to comprehend.
(8) - Read (v. t.) To discover or understand by characters, marks, features, etc.; to learn by observation.
(9) - Read (n.) Rennet. See 3d Reed.
(10) - Read (v. i.) To give advice or counsel.
(11) - Read (a.) Instructed or knowing by reading; versed in books; learned.
(12) - Read (v. i.) To perform the act of reading; to peruse, or to go over and utter aloud, the words of a book or other like document.
(13) - Read (v. i.) To study by reading; as, he read for the bar.
(14) - Read (v. i.) To learn by reading.
(15) - Read (v. i.) To appear in writing or print; to be expressed by, or consist of, certain words or characters; as, the passage reads thus in the early manuscripts.
(16) - Read (v. i.) To produce a certain effect when read; as, that sentence reads queerly.
(17) - Read (v. t.) Saying; sentence; maxim; hence, word; advice; counsel. See Rede.
(18) - Read (v.) Reading.
(19) - Read () imp. & p. p. of Read, v. t. & i.
(20) - Read (v. t.) To make a special study of, as by perusing textbooks; as, to read theology or law.


دِلچسپی سے مُطالعے کا عمل ۔ مُطالعہ پذیری ۔
(1) - Readability (n.) The state of being readable; readableness.


جو پڑھا جا سکے ۔
(1) - Readable (a.) Such as can be read; legible; fit or suitable to be read; worth reading; interesting.


خوبی کے ساتھ ۔ قابل مطالعہ طریق پر ۔