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Index of English words, starting with "sh"

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Urdu Meaning

English Meaning


ہلانا ۔ جھنجھوڑنا ۔ کانپنا ۔ تھرانا ۔ کپکپی پیدا کرنا ۔ پریشان کرنا ۔ دہشت زدہ کرنا ۔ مخل ہونا ۔ متزلزل کرنا ۔
(1) - Shake (n.) The redshank; -- so called from the nodding of its head while on the ground.
(2) - Shake (n.) A shook of staves and headings.
(3) - Shake (n.) One of the staves of a hogshead or barrel taken apart.
(4) - Shake (n.) A rapid alternation of a principal tone with another represented on the next degree of the staff above or below it; a trill.
(5) - Shake (n.) A fissure in rock or earth.
(6) - Shake (n.) A fissure or crack in timber, caused by its being dried too suddenly.
(7) - Shake (n.) The act or result of shaking; a vacillating or wavering motion; a rapid motion one way and other; a trembling, quaking, or shivering; agitation.
(8) - Shake (v. i.) To be agitated with a waving or vibratory motion; to tremble; to shiver; to quake; to totter.
(9) - Shake (v.) To move or remove by agitating; to throw off by a jolting or vibrating motion; to rid one's self of; -- generally with an adverb, as off, out, etc.; as, to shake fruit down from a tree.
(10) - Shake (v.) To give a tremulous tone to; to trill; as, to shake a note in music.
(11) - Shake (v.) Fig.: To move from firmness; to weaken the stability of; to cause to waver; to impair the resolution of.
(12) - Shake (v.) To cause to move with quick or violent vibrations; to move rapidly one way and the other; to make to tremble or shiver; to agitate.
(13) - Shake () obs. p. p. of Shake.


ہلانے کے قابل ۔


رقص کرنا ۔ ناچنا ۔


ہلا کر یکجا کرنا ۔
(1) - Shakedown (n.) A temporary substitute for a bed, as one made on the floor or on chairs; -- perhaps originally from the shaking down of straw for this purpose.


ہاتھ ہلانا ۔ مصافحہ کرنا ۔