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Index of English words, starting with "ye"

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Urdu Meaning

English Meaning


تم ۔ آپ ۔ آپ لوگ ۔
(1) - Ye (adv.) Yea; yes.
(2) - Ye (pron.) The plural of the pronoun of the second person in the nominative case.
(3) - Ye (n.) An eye.
(4) - Ye () an old method of printing the article the (AS. /e), the "y" being used in place of the Anglo-Saxon thorn (/). It is sometimes incorrectly pronounced ye. See The, and Thorn, n., 4.
(5) - Ye () Alt. of Ye


ہاں ۔ البتہ ۔ یقیناً ۔ درحقیقت ۔
(1) - Yea (n.) An affirmative vote; one who votes in the affirmative; as, a vote by yeas and nays.
(2) - Yea (adv.) More than this; not only so, but; -- used to mark the addition of a more specific or more emphatic clause. Cf. Nay, adv., 2.
(3) - Yea (adv.) Yes; ay; a word expressing assent, or an affirmative, or an affirmative answer to a question, now superseded by yes. See Yes.


بھیڑ یا بکری کا بچہ دینا ۔
(1) - Yean (v. t. & i.) To bring forth young, as a goat or a sheep; to ean.


بھیڑ بکری کا چھوٹا بچہ ۔
(1) - Yeanling (n.) A lamb or a kid; an eanling.


برس ۔ سال ۔
(1) - Year (n.) Age, or old age; as, a man in years.
(2) - Year (n.) The time in which any planet completes a revolution about the sun; as, the year of Jupiter or of Saturn.
(3) - Year (n.) The time of the apparent revolution of the sun trough the ecliptic; the period occupied by the earth in making its revolution around the sun, called the astronomical year; also, a period more or less nearly agreeing with this, adopted by various nations as a measure of time, and called the civil year; as, the common lunar year of 354 days, still in use among the Mohammedans; the year of 360 days, etc. In common usage, the year consists of 365 days, and every fourth year (called bissextile, or leap year) of 366 days, a day being added to February on that year, on account of the excess above 365 days (see Bissextile).

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