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Aerial meaning in Urdu & English

English to Urdu Dictionary

ہوائی ۔ آکاشی ۔ لاسلکی وہ تار جو صوتی اور برقی لہران کھینچتا ہے ۔

English to English Dictionary

(1) - Aerial (a.) Light as air; ethereal.
(2) - Aerial (a.) Growing, forming, or existing in the air, as opposed to growing or existing in earth or water, or underground; as, aerial rootlets, aerial plants.
(3) - Aerial (a.) Rising aloft in air; high; lofty; as, aerial spires.
(4) - Aerial (a.) Consisting of air; resembling, or partaking of the nature of air. Hence: Unsubstantial; unreal.
(5) - Aerial (a.) Of or pertaining to the air, or atmosphere; inhabiting or frequenting the air; produced by or found in the air; performed in the air; as, aerial regions or currents.

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